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Hunter College's Advanced Certificate in Computer Science Education

What is it?

Hunter's Advanced Certificate in CS Education program is an 18 credit graduate program that leads to New York State certification to teach computer science.

Hunter's program is currently the only running state approved program. It has graduated 40 teachers who are now New York State's first and only certified CS teachers and another 60 are scheduled to graduate this May.

Participants completing the program will not only become much stronger CS teachers but also be prepared for New York State's forthcoming CS Teacher Content exam and be eligible for state certification.


The program consists of 6 graduate level courses. Each course is 3 graduate credits (which can be applied to salary differentials):

  • Java Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Ethics in Computer Science
  • Topics in Computer Science
  • Teaching Methods for Computer Science
  • Curriculum Development for Computer Science


All courses are offered remotely with a single 75 minute Zoom session each week along with asynchronous work. The specific time and day for the Zoom sessions are determined by participant availability. This past year, Zoom components have been run on Thursdays from 5:00pm - 6:15pm and then from 7:00pm - 8:15pm.

Semester plan

Semester Classes taken
Fall 2023 Java Programming
Spring 2024 Data Structures, Methods
Fall 2024 Ethics, Curriculum Development
Spring 2024 Topics

Admissions Requirements

  • A current valid New York State teaching certificate in any subject area.
  • A Masters degree in any subject area
  • Some programming experience in a text based language (see below)


The program consists of 18 graduate credits (6 classes) which can be applied for salary differentials. At the time of writing, the cost is $470 per credit for New York State residents which totals to $8460 plus fees. Up to date rates as well as out of state rates can be found on Hunter's web site.

Past cohorts benefited from financial support to help pay tuition. It is unknown at this time if there will be similar support. Teacher's are encouraged to apply for admission and if financial support becomes available applicants will be notified as to how to apply for any available scholarships.


Hunter College has secured funds to provide scholarships that will cover the tuition in the program at the New York State rate. To be considered for the program and the scholarship, please fill out the application linked below.

If you have already applied, to be considered for the scholarship you will have to fill out the application below as well.


To apply and be considered for a scholarship, fill out this form:

See below for the question about coding experience

Information about coding experience

The application requires candidates have some experience in a text based language and submit a coding sample indicating such.

The sample should be runnable (that is, a complete program) but can be in any text based language such as Python, Java, or Javascript. Other text based languages are perfectly fine but drag and drop languages like Snap and Scratch are not.

Applicants are recommended to host their sample on a site like, GitHub, DropBox, Google Drive etc. and put a link to the sample in their personal statement or resume.

We are looking for samples that show comfort with these concepts:

  1. Using variables
  2. Conditional statements (if, if/then)
  3. Loops (for and/or while)
  4. Functions (or methods in an object oriented language)
  5. Arrays (preferred but not required)

If you are not familiar with any text based language you can find self study resources at the bottom of our general faq page (here).

Any additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the project director, Mike Zamansky at